We are partnering with hospitality operators to help support and build the hospitality industry by opening multiple dark kitchen concepts across London or by maximising the operators’ current existing kitchen or restaurant structure.

What we offer? Awarded food delivery license, increased sales, improved food offering with a low labour cost and an easy to operate affordable multi-concept business. Read more...

Sugoi JPN

Inspired by Piss Alley street food market (Tokyo) and Latin America’s (Mexico & Venezuela) street food stalls, we are taking and fusing the best of the Latin and Japanese traditions, culture and flavours to get a new hardcore street food concept, NoriTacos, 100% fresh & fun.

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Arepita Sliders

The FIY (Fill It Yourself) Arepita Sliders concept was designed to not only meet the growing demands of the vegan and gluten-free consumer market as well as the rise of online delivery concepts, but to also tackle one of the biggest challenges we are facing as a global community; food waste.

World's first branded arepitas.

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Just yuca

Some people call it cassava chips, others mandioca, but in Latin America it is known as Just Yuca, and for us the best way to eat it…is fried!

The frying gives them that crunchy exterior and fluffy, well-flavoured interior which defines our original yuca fries. We serve our delicious yuca fries with a range of signature dips, toppings and sauces depending on your preferred style: Mexican, American, Japanese, Caribbean, and more.

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Our concept is inspired by Osaka, the world’s street food capital. We have taken international popular urban dishes, flavours, cultures and traditions, and we have Japanified them.

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Empanadas with a variety of gourmet fillings to suit all palates. Yum! 

Frozen or ready to cook, you will need just a fryer or an oven depending on your preferred style: Venezuelan, Colombian or Argentinian

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Awards & recognitions

Best takeaway chef in Britain 2019 - The British Takeaway Awards / Finalist best takeaway Central London 2019 - The British Takeaway Awards / Takeaway of the year (East London) 2020 - The Food Awards London / Finalist for The Good Food Awards 2020

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